4 Parts Of Your Mouth To Care For

Do you think of your mouth as a complex area that requires care? Does this make you feel somewhat overwhelmed when it comes to your daily dental hygiene? What should you be doing to keep your oral health in good shape, you may wonder? Fortunately, we have some suggestions to help you feel confident about your smile. For some, compartmentalizing the different parts of your mouth that require care can make approaching your smile feel much simpler.

#1: Teeth

As you know, you need to care for your teeth. This is much easier than you may assume. You just need to brush your entire smile two times a day. We usually recommend in addition to seeing us for your dental cleanings (two times a year) that you brush your teeth in the morning – then, do the same thing at night preferably right before bed.

#2: Gums

Your gums support your teeth, so they need cleaning too. You can keep your gums clean with dental hygiene by brushing them (right along the gumline) to remove plaque from that area (and food particles). It’s also very important that you floss your smile to remove debris and plaque from between teeth and beneath your gumline.

#3: Tongue

You should care for your tongue, which traps bacteria like the other parts of your mouth. Care for your tongue by brushing it when you’re brushing the rest of your mouth.

#4: Lips

Caring for your lips isn’t necessarily part of your dental hygiene but it’s a good thing to do! Moisturized lips feel comfortable and lips protected from the sun with sunscreen (SPF lip balm) are better protected against oral cancer.

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