Q&A: I Think My Filling Fell Out

Are you fairly certain that your dental filling fell out but you aren’t 100 percent sure? Perhaps you think it feels like this is what has happened but any attempts at actually achieving an up-close look at your tooth have failed. Here’s what needs to occur: First, we encourage you to consider our Q&A session to answer some of your immediate questions. Second, we urge you to contact us to set up a visit. Whether it’s a filling or otherwise, something is “off” and needs care right away. See you soon!

Questions and Answers

Question: My tooth feels very sensitive, which is part of the reason I think my dental filling may have fallen out. Is this normal?

Answer: Yes, it’s very likely that if your filling has fallen out (or part of it has fallen out) your tooth will feel sensitive. This is because nerves are no longer protected but are instead exposed. However, keep in mind that serious, sudden sensitivity can come about due to a long list of reasons, so it could be a sign of another problem.

Question: What should I do now that I think my filling is no longer in place? Should I wait a little while and see if it keeps hurting and then call you?

Answer: No. When your tooth hurts, is feeling extremely sensitive, or if you simply think something has broken off of (or fallen out of) your tooth, contact us right away. Examining this suspicion right away can be extremely important in preventing additional issues from occurring (like a broken tooth or an infection).

Question: I always see temporary filling products at the drugstore. Can I go ahead and temporarily use this item to keep my tooth safe?

Answer: You may use this product for a day or so to keep your tooth from feeling uncomfortable. However, this is absolutely not a solution for long-term use.

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