Reasons Your Bite Feels Weird When Chewing

How’s your smile doing when you eat? Do you find that things aren’t feeling quite right when you chew but you’re having a hard time figuring out what’s wrong? Take a moment to consider the changes you’re feeling and then contact us immediately! The sooner you come in for a dental checkup for your bite problems, the sooner we can figure out what’s going on with your teeth and what we can do to help. In the meantime, we have some reasons your bite may feel “off” to share with you, so you realize this issue is more common than you may have initially assumed. (Rest assured, it’s treatable, too).

Reason: TMJ Disorder

What do your teeth feel like when you chew? Do you feel some amount of pain when you chew? If so, this bite issue may have something to do with an existing case of TMJ disorder. This is a functional problem, meaning it affects your mouth’s ability to work optimally. When your TMJs (jaw joints) are facing some issues, discomfort may make its way into your teeth.

Reason: Uneven Dental Work

Another reason you may feel you’re experiencing bite problem relies on the accuracy of your dental work. For instance, if you have crowns that are ill fitting, a filling that was not smoothed down enough, dentures or other prosthetics that are damaged or do not fit with precision, etc., then your teeth will not fit together as they should. The result is an awkward feeling bite, which can lead to further problems for your oral health.

Reason: Misalignment

A very common reason for bite problems and a funny feeling when you chew is misalignment. When teeth are not organized in a fashion in which they fit together like puzzle pieces, they can scrape each other, hit against each other, and require you to shift your mouth into new positions to chew. We offer comprehensive care for this and associated issues.

Address Bite Concerns With Our Care

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