TMJ Disorder: Curb The Caffeine Craziness!

Perhaps you are a major fan of coffee. Maybe you’re not into the java so much as you are into tea. Wherever you’re getting your caffeine fix, remember that it might be time to either cut back or give it up if you’re dealing with TMJ disorder. What’s your favorite form of liquid energy got to do with your jaw health, you wonder? While it might not be the only factor making matters not-so-wonderful for your smile, it may certainly be one of them for multiple reasons.

Caffeine Worsens Bruxism

Already know that your TMJ disorder is related to your bruxism disorder because your grinding and clenching are making your TMJs uncomfortable? The damage that’s going on isn’t going to get any better if you keep up your levels of caffeination or if you consume more. Consider backing off to see if it helps. Did you know that the muscles that are moving involuntarily may activate more frequently when you have more caffeine in your system, thereby making bruxing worse and your TMD worse? See if easing up a bit gives your TMJs a bit of a respite from all of that motion.

It Might Cause You To Stress

It’s true! If you’re drinking a lot of caffeine, you may be over stimulating your nervous system. As a result, you may feel tense or jumpy. Your reaction to these feelings may include tensing up your jaw, even if you’re not someone dealing with bruxism. This can make matters uncomfortable and may encourage the worsening of TMJ disorder. You may need to cut back!

Consider Lifestyle Changes For TMD Improvement

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